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What is a Minibus?

Legally defined, a minibus is a vehicle seating for between eight and sixteen passengers. Anything with more seating capacity is considered a coach. When classifying vehicles, manufacturers include the driver’s seat in the passenger count, so a seventeen seat minibus will have room for 16 passengers.

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It hard to believe, but now known to be true, that the 76ers could face worse roster problems than they had last year when Brett Brown team was able to conjure up only 18 wins in 82 games.

Remember, the front office promised fans that players would not be shuffled in and out this season.

The third pick in the draft, which fell to them last June, produced Jahlil Okafor. He has proven to be a legitimate scorer in the NBA, with a few flaws in some areas, most notably defense. But he has struggled trying to play alongside Nerlens Noel, and his defense is, at best, suspect.

After a season in which he proved to be a promising defensive player with a questionable offensive game, wholesale nfl jerseys from china Noel hasn really done much this season to provide hopes of stardom.

Once again, Joel Embiid didn participate in a practice, let alone a game, as he continued to try to rehab his twice surgically repaired right foot.

And general manager Sam Hinkie didn do Brown any favors at the beginning of the season, handing him a roster devoid of a starting point guard, knowing that Tony Wroten and Kendall Marshall, both recovering from ACL surgeries, wouldn be on the court until December.

Wroten, though, was cut after just 31 games and Marshall now possesses a game more fitting of an over 30 league than one that can be a big factor in the NBA.

Adequate shooters were still at a minimum, veteran leadership absent. So it all appeared to be a recipe for another disastrous season.

But if there was any hope for optimism, those who have a hand in making up the NBA schedule stomped it into oblivion.

While many factors go into creating a team schedule mostly surrounding arena availability the league certainly didn do the Sixers any favors this season.

This is not to say an easier schedule would have improved the Sixers current record, cheapnflauthenticjerseys but you get the feeling they were done no favors after collecting only 37 wins over the past two seasons.

Brown has been in the league 15 years and has never gone through a schedule like the one he faced this season. Numerous times throughout the season, people around the league have told me the Sixers schedule is horrific.

A little over a month and a half into the season, the Sixers had already faced the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James three times. By Jan. 10 they had lost four times to the Eastern Conference favorite.

There was also the six game November road trip, surrounding Thanksgiving, that had them going from Charlotte to Miami to Minnesota to Boston to Houston to Memphis. The Sixers played six games in a 10 day span. Usually November is a home heavy month for the team as it does its first West Coast trip in December when Disney On Ice invades the Wells Fargo Center.

This column is being written as the team is mired in a six games in nine days period that includes a pair of back to backs and finishes out in Denver.

A casual fan, and the Sixers have many of them at this point of The Process, doesn really delve into how an 82 game schedule plays out. It a game here, a game there. But this year schedule was a real head scratcher. Perhaps a little punishment for the poor product run out there the previous two seasons? Maybe, just maybe.

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The group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America launched a six figure campaign Thursday, calling on Kroger to change its gun policy.

make 80 percent of the spending decisions in this country for their families. So when it comes to major grocery outlets like Kroger, moms and women are the majority of their customers. They can actually get companies like Kroger to change their policies to stop allowing things like open carry of loaded assault rifles in their stores, said the group founder, Shannon Watts.

The group put ads on five websites homepages, including USA Today. It also took out several full page and half page ads in newspapers around the country and a billboard in Cincinnati, where Kroger is headquartered. wholesale nfl jerseys from china The group has previously put pressure on companies like Chipotle, Starbucks and Target all of which have changed their gun policies recently.

gotten nearly 10 companies in just the last year and a half to change their policies or put policies in place where they didn have them before. So in this case, we asking Kroger to do the same thing and to stop allowing open carry of loaded weapons inside their stores, said Watts.

Several shoppers at an Indianapolis Kroger said they support the proposed policy changes.

is their [shoppers] right to carry a gun, I just don think grocery stores, churches, places like that are places where they ought to have guns openly carried, said shopper Paul Smith. That statement read:

“The safety of our customers and associates is one of our most important company values. Millions of customers are present in our busy grocery stores every day and we don’t want to put our associates in a position of having to confront a customer who is legally carrying a gun. That is why our long standing policy on this issue is to follow state and local laws and to ask customers to be respectful of others while shopping. We know that our customers are passionate on both sides of this issue and we trust them to be responsible in our stores.”

Watts said the group will not stop until it sees changes at Kroger. She said the group is already looking at other businesses to push for change, but severalcompanies are approaching the group proactively. Watts said those companies are asking what changes they can make, to avoid a campaign like the one Kroger now faces.

are three different ways to change America culture of gun violence. One is Congress, one is state legislatures and the third is American businesses. We seen advocates use this formula over and over because when Congress doesn listen and you get state legislators and business to do the right thing, that momentum bubbles up to change federal laws, said Watts.

24 Hour News 8 also reached out to the NRA, but have yet to get a response as of Thursday night. In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. Please be respectful of the opinions of others and keep the conversation on topic and civil. If you see an inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.

Youth counsellor sentenced for sexual assault

Youth counsellor sentenced for sexual assault at Chilliwack River Valley healing centre

It’s been more than five years but a youth counsellor who sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl at an aboriginal healing centre in the Chilliwack River Valley finally faced justice last week.

In BC Supreme Court in Chilliwack on Sept. 2,pandora earrings Darren Justice was sentenced to two years in jail followed by three years probation for sexual assault and sexual interference of a person under 16 for incidents that took place at the Stehiyaq Healing and Wellness Village in the Chilliwack River Valley in 2011.

Justice Robert Jenkins agreed completely with the Crown’s submissions for the sentence. Justice’s lawyer Derwin Petri asked for six to 12 months in custody and two years probation.

The economic and public relations disaster that was Stehiyaq began in 2008 when then Premier Gordon Campbell toured the site with $3 million to get it started. By opening in April 2010, and $5 million in taxpayer dollars, the centre faced financial difficulties.

“This was a person who was supposed to be a person of trust,” Crown counsel Anna Tosso told the court at the sentencing hearing last Friday. through Facebook and expressed his love to her. For this reason, and for her protection, Tosso sought the exceptionally long probation period of three years after a two year federal sentence.

At the sentencing hearing, Justice’s lawyer Petri outlined an unfortunate upbringing of physical, mental and even violent sexual abuse.

“He was raised in a very dysfunctional, violence ridden, alcohol fueled [environment],” Petri said.

His lawyer pointed out he was abused by his step father, first consumed alcohol at age seven while the adults in the house were passed out, at nine sniffed glue and the first time he drank to passing out was at age 13.

“Whatever time you have to send me away, I’m ready to do it,” he told Jenkins. “I wish I was the man who could have admitted my wrong.”

It was on this latter point wher Jenkins had little sympathy from the judge for his late contrition.

“Darren Justice has accepted responsibility for the offence since the verdict,” Jenkins said, in agreeing with the Crown’s sentencing submissions. “But only after having been found guilty.”

Jenkins read from his own verdict pointing out that during the trial, Justice said the assaults “did not happen” and that allegations were “untrue.”

“That takes away the effect of admission this late in the process,” he said.

In addition to the time in jail, Justice was handed strict probation conditions including that he not contact the victim, stay away from persons under 16, and that he be registered as a sex offender for 20 years.

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Canadiske børn er godt fastsat i deres valg af læsestof, da det bedste af børnelitteratur fra USA og Storbritannien er let tilgængelige for dem. I modsætning til deres jævnaldrende i disse to lande, men unge canadiske læsere ikke har en strøm af deres egen litteratur at vælge imellem: Kun omkring 150 børnebøger på engelsk offentliggøres i Canada hvert år (i modsætning til ca. 2000 i USA). Det er opmuntrende, at denne lille årlige produktion af børnebøger er så godt som det er.

I det seneste årti har engelsk canadiske børnelitteratur kommet af alder. Den afgørende år var 1974, da en illustreret digtsamling for små børn, Alligator Pie (Macmillan), dukkede op. Ved at skrive for børn, Lee satte sig for at komponere specifikt canadiske vers. billige canada goose Hans godt udformet, undertiden vil irrelevant rhymes er fulde af lokale stednavne og bekymringer, men de afspejler de universelle glæder og problemer i barndommen. Den hidtil uset succes af ” Alligator Pie ” opfordrede ham til at skrive fire flere poesi bøger. Den seneste, Jelly Belly (Macmillan), var på den canadiske bestseller liste for måned og tjente Lee titlen ” Faderen Goose i Canada. ”

Lee eksempel begyndte en groundswell i udgivelsen af ​​bøger for børn under 8. Den anden dominerende figur for denne aldersgruppe er Robert Munsch, en lærer, hvis mange fantasy bøger alle har deres rødder i ” fortalte ” historier. Denne vittig, magisk fortælling af Tim Wynne Jones om en kat, der går til havet er afbildet i fortryllende illustrationer af Ken Nutt.

Mange andre fornemme illustratorer af børnebøger er opstået i slutningen af ​​70’erne og 80’erne. De fire mest kendte er William Kurelek, Elizabeth Cleaver, Ann Blades, og Laszlo Gal. Kurelek billeder appellerer til alle aldersgrupper; hans A Prarie Boys Winter og A Prairie Boy Summer (begge Tundra) erobre storslået oplevelsen af ​​at vokse op i Vesten. Cleaver bruger collage og udskæringer i hendes fantastiske fortolkninger af indiske historier genfortalt af William Toye, såsom The Mountain Goats af Temlaham (begge Oxford). Ann Blades illustrerer både hendes egne og andres værker. I en laks til Simon og Pettranella (begge Douglas McIntyre) hendes fine akvareller fremkalde en stærk følelse af sted. Laszlo Gal elegante malerier giver friske fortolkninger til to traditionelle eventyr: De tolv Dancing Princesses og Den lille Havfrue (begge Methuen). Historier for mindre børn har udviklet sig langsommere, men på dette område, også har der været en nylig udvidelse.

Den fineste præstation i canadiske børnelitteratur har altid været bevarelsen af ​​indiske og Innuit legender. Tidligere tendensen var at ” rydde op ” disse historier for en nonnative publikum.

Canada har gjort værdige bidrag på ungdomskriminalitet historisk fiktion. To af de bedste, af Barbara Smucker, (begge Clarke Irwin), handler om situationer, som provokerede et skifte til Canada: Underground til Canada, en spændingsfyldt eventyr om løbske slavinder, og Days of Terror, om en dreng fanget i uro revolutionære Rusland. Sweetgrass, af Jan Hudson (Tree Frog), diskret kombinerer historiske, feministiske, og indfødte indiske temaer i en kørende hensyn til en prærien indisk kvinde i 1800-tallet.

I fantasy skriver få har tangeret de to stærke romaner af Ruth Nichols, A Walk Out of the World (Harcourt Brace) og The Marrow af verden (Atheneum). En undtagelse er Janet Lunn, hvis The Root Cellar (Scribner) er en omhyggelig rejsetid historie spænder over to lande. Hendes trilogi, The Keeper of Isis Light, The Guardian of Isis, og Isis Pedlar (alle Atheneum), selv om det er i fremtiden, er virkelig canadiske i sine tema indvandrere til et nyt land beskæftiger sig med de medfølgende pres af fordomme og kultur konflikt.

De største styrker i canadisk realistisk fiktion løgn i romaner om pre teen agers eller unge unge, der kommer af alder. Helten i Hold Fast, af Kevin Major (Delacourt), kombinerer egenskaber Huck Finn og Holden Caulfield, da han kommer til udtryk med begge sine forældres død og hans Newfoundland outport rødder. Brian Doyles Op til Low (Douglas McIntyre) fremkalder en anden region, Ottawa Valley. Denne korte mesterværk om en dreng på besøg hjemme hos hans slægtninge er en nøje kontrolleret blanding af uhøflig humor og stærke følelser.

De bedste børnebøger afspejler præcist deres eget land, mens overskride grænser gennem temaer, der er fælles for alle unge. Canadiske børnelitteratur er vokset op nok til at gøre begge dele.

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We have a good selection of both men’s and women’s Irish Rings and wedding rings for sale here. Some of our Irish Rings that are wedding rings have the all important Claddagh design, while others have the Celtic Knot design in them. Most of our wedding ring designs are popular with any generation.

Alternatively, try a HardiMac, which is a more climate hardened version of the . He’s the son of Wilfred Drysdale an avid gardener who introduced the variety. Apparently, when Wilfred was quite elderly and had mobility problems, he tended to his apples by getting down on his hands and knees and crawling through the orchard.

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mkoutletmk Endres was a president of the Warren County Realtors Association.Jonathan is also survived by a sister, Pauline, a chemistry major at WSU who plans to attend medical school.”I will always remember him as such a happy kid. He had lots and lots of friends,” his father said.He expected that arrangements will be handled by Routsong Funeral Home, 2100 E.

Their prominence as one of the bigger clubs in England and of course in the continent were assured once Jose Mourinho arrived in London as their manager. He helped the club win their first league title in 2004 05 season, after a gap of fifty years. Only a season ago, Roman Abramovich bought the club, and hired the Portuguese.

5. If there is no breathing or pulse, give Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Immediately place the palm of your hand on the patient’s chest just over the lower part of the sternum (breast bone) and press your hand in a pumping motion once or twice by using the other hand.

Of course, all these methods and how long they suggest your money will last rely on how the stock market has behaved in the past. The future might be different. Still, the idea that you should withdraw less when your investment portfolio is doing badly makes sense intuitively and alternative strategies may help you respond better to changing market conditions after you retire..

The growing number of fly by night shamans and outright frauds has made screening essential. Despite its growth, it’s unlikely the scene will ever gain the profile or popularity of so called classic psychedelics, like LSD and mushrooms. Which is probably just as well: Ayahuasca’s intensity places a serious limitation on its growth potential.

“It all started when I was at this boring sporting goods store with my brother and I saw these totally butt ugly headbands,” Peterson said. “I thought it might be fun to pull off wearing something dorky like that, so I bought one. When I got home and tried it on, I was like, ‘I actually look pretty good in this.'”.

What is the number one issue facing the Canadian trucking industry

BOWMANVILLE, Ont. During its annual management conference in October, the American Trucking Associations released the results of an annual survey exploring the most critical issues facing the trucking industry. More than 5,000 US trucking industry executives were surveyed as part of the research and for the first time in the last two years, Hours of Service trumped the driver shortage as the number one industry concern.

Other concerns on the top 10 list included: fuel issues; congestion; government regulations; tolls and highway funding; tort reform and legal issues; truck driver training; environmental issues; and on board truck technology.

But what good for the goose is not always good for the gander. Many truck drivers may have differing opinions on what constitutes a major issue for the industry. Truck West stopped by the Fifth Wheel Truck Stop in Bowmanville, Ont. to find out what truckers think is the most pressing issue facing the industry today.
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Frank Hartin, a driver with SLH Transport in Kingston, Ont., says the worst thing he seen is a lack of driver training.

As a trucker of more than 25 years, he seen a lot of bad driving habits including dangerous tailgating.

with so much volume on the roads today, how do you stop it? notes that speeding is likely the number one cause of accidents and another example of how drivers are not being trained effectively.

Claude Camira, a driver with Montreal Freightline in Montreal, Que., says the Hours of Service is certainly a big issue, but that it unrealistic for fleet executives to expect drivers to run 100% compliant.

fly under the radar in order to do a good job, he says.

HoS aside, Camira says fuel prices are also a concern for drivers, but that the emerging Canadian dollar is at least helping drivers who run freight into the US to save some money.

Dave Short, a driver with Swish, a supplier for cleaning companies, schools and hospitals in Peterborough, Ont., says that poor driver wages is the biggest problem for the industry, since low pay directly affects the driver shortage.

are not getting into the industry. If you can make as much money working and be home every night (and) have a life, then why would you get into trucking? notes that the industry needs to do something to start attracting younger drivers and quick because the trucking workforce is aging much faster than any other industry.

Blake Tod, an owner/operator with Payne Transportation out of Winnipeg, says that for an O/O, the biggest problem is the cost of fuel, tires and general operating costs.

Though he says that Hours of Service is a minor detail for O/Os compared with cost of operation, he admits that the way things like HoS are decided isn fair to truckers.

this stuff is decided by someone who is not sitting behind the wheel driving a truck down the road, this is the biggest problem. Someone sitting in an office deciding what we should have to do, he says.

la vie n’est pas un long fleuve tranquille

J’ai besoin de gens qui ont vaicu la même chose que moi, qui ont aujourd’hui une vie normale et pour qui tout ça n’est qu’un mauvais souvenir. De votre aide et de votre écoute. Il y a deux ans, je suis entrée dans un vraie phase dépressive avec des phobies terribles (transports en général, maladies.) et d’énormes crises d’angoisse.

(ed.) 1955. The Journals of Captain Cook: The Voyage of the Endeavour, 1768 1771. Cambridge : For the Hakluyt Society at the University Press (entry for April 29th, 1770). Depuis quelques ann on sent poindre l chez les consommateurs. Particuli en ce qui concerne la qualit des fruits et l Insatisfaction largement relay par les associations de consommateurs, comme dans cette enqu de l consommation logement et cadre de vie (CLCV) en juillet dernier qui est pour le moins : alors que les prix des fruits et l flambent, 44% des consommateurs se disent en qu de saveurs perdues et de plaisir retrouv go cette affaire d alors redonner le go des fruits et l au consommateur ? Pour P L critique gastronomique impertinent qui s chez Marianne, tout se passe l A l dit il, l du go se faisait dans la vie quotidienne autour de la table familiale.lancel premier flirt
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En réservant à l’avance votre hébergement près des plages de Valence, vous vous assurez de prendre du plaisir dès votre arrivée en Espagne. En effet, vous ne perdez pas de temps à chercher un hôtel. Vous n’avez qu’à poser vos bagages, prendre votre serviette et votre maillot de bain et vous rendre vers les plages les plus proches pour vous prélasser au soleil.

Adulte, au travail, il y a eu toujours des comptes à rendre. Les mots objectif, deadline, pending, due, action etc. Me donnent désormais la nausée (désolée pour les termes mais je bosse bcp avec des boites anglos). Editis et la rentabilité. Le groupe d Editis (Wendel Investissement) a fait son petit bilan de fin d sous forme de feuille de route. A l 2006, il devra se séparer de Larousse et de son ancien pôle universitaire (Dalloz, Dunod, Armand Colin) qui, sur décision de Bruxelles, restent chez son désormais concurrent Lagardère..

Cet acide est le produit de l’utilisation du glycogène en l’absence d’oxygène (ou mode anaérobie). Lorsque l’acide lactique s’accumule dans le tissu musculaire, il s’ensuit une production accrue d’ions d’hydrogène qui finit par affecter la performance du muscle.En effet, lorsqu’un muscle est soumis à un effort intense pendant plus ou moins 60secondes, la contraction en vient à limiter la circulation sanguine vers celui ci. Privé de l’oxygène que véhicule le sang, le muscle continue à brûler le sucre qu’il lui reste.

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After hatching the eggs, the one gosling somehow managed to get off the building and the mother goose walked it to the water, you can see in the picture the mother goose walking the little one across the road towards the water with traffic stopping. canada goose women Unfortunately I did not have a zoom camera so you can’t see the little one, it’s walking very close to the mother in fact more like walking underneath the mother.

I went to check the nest were I noticed a lot of eggshells. I immediately assumed there has to be more than one gosling and started looking for others. One had fallen off the building onto hard surface and did not make it, two others dropped to a patio from the roof where they two huddled in a corner until I found them.

My wife Elaine and I watched for the parents and also listened for goose honking to see if they were still looking for the little ones, but no such luck. I took them to our unit, gave them some water, and called the SPCA and wild life, they suggested we take them to the shelter, which my wife did.

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Police say people are so keen to save money, they’ll even risk their health and safety by buying fake goods.

RCMP Inspector Todd Gilmore, who tries to catch counterfeiters in the Greater Toronto Area, says the buying and selling of bogus goods is a serious problem that’s getting worse.

Recently, he said, a woman had to visit the hospital after she suffered an allergic reaction to fake MAC cosmetics she bought at a Mississauga flea market.

Gilmore says people are buying fake prescription drugs, often sold over the Internet, improperly made electronics such as extension cords or computer parts, and even knock off toothpaste.

want a deal. They want it cheap, he said. isn any regard for quality or safety. canada goose parka Who knows what is in it? weekend, officers were at the same Mississauga flea market to ensure fake makeup wasn being sold again. They saw so many fake DVDs, they starting seizing them.

people were still coming up, while we were there in uniform, wanting to buy them, Gilmore said. an ethical question that consumers have to ask themselves. What purpose does it have for someone to walk around with a fake Burberry purse?

fake. The only person you kidding is yourself, he said. do you convince consumers to buy the real thing? sale of counterfeit goods in Canada is significant, with business estimating it costs as much as $30 billion a year.

Other items have included fake Red Bull drinks and Sidney Crosby jerseys, with shoddy stitching.

Counterfeiting is so prevalent, Gilmore said, that an investigation of close to 1,000 Canadiens jersey wearing fans in Montreal showed 80 per cent were fake.

Canada Goose, the high end winter parka company, says counterfeiters are becoming so bold they are now raising their prices to retail prices, said Kevin Spreekmeester, vice president of global marketing.

It has hired a company that searches the web daily, looking for rogue sites that sell its fakes.

Internet is the new flea market, he said.

Spreekmeester said his company has tested some knock offs and found feather mulch that can contain mould and feces.

could actually get sick from it, he said, adding the material won keep people warm.

While there are few available statistics, organized crime is believed to be linked to most counterfeiting in Canada. The largest recent fine in the Toronto area was $60,000, which criminal organizations would probably chalk up to the cost of doing business.

more lucrative than the drug trade, said Gilmore. profit margins are more profitable and there less risk. laws are seen as not as vigorous as other countries.

expect it will be introduced in the fall, said Chris Gray, director of intellectual property at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. a majority government, it should be a little easier to push the ball up the hill. 2003 to 2008, the RCMP investigated 1,500 cases of counterfeiting, seizing about $64 million in fake goods. But limited resources means the RCMP concentrates on items that put the health or safety of Canadians at risk, not the purses or clothes.

In May, RCMP officers arrested a man after they seized fake Viagra and Cialis pills worth $1 million on the street as well as containers full of fake luxury goods from boots to jeans, worth $5 million.