20ª Noite da Poesia de Belo Jardim, foi um sucesso


Para quem gosta de poesia, repentista ou simplesmente falar sobre poesia, o ex-vereador Valdemir Cintra, promoveu na noite de ontem, a 20ª Noite da Poesia Popular de Belo Jardim.

No palco, veteranos e aprendizes e nos versos o improviso poético dos cantadores de viola. O festival já tem 20 anos e não perde a tradição, iniciado no antigo Clube Arca em seguida para o também extinto clube ITEC, como também na avenida Dep. José Mendonça, hoje a poesia popular se estende no pátio da feria Livre Nivaldo Jatobá.

O teatro vip ficou repleto de artistas locais e da região, como o prefeito e vice-prefeito de Belo Jardim, João Mendonça e Cristiano Cabeludo, prefeitos das cidades de Paudalho e Poção, o deputado estadual Júlio Cavalcante, o ex-prefeito de Arcoverde, Zeca Cavalcante, alguns vereadores e o ex-vereador Zé Pereira, secretários municipais, diretores entre outras autoridades.

Os violeiros e repentistas vieram para mostrar um pouco as modas de violas e repentes da região, onde o público ficou impressionado com a 20º Noite da Poesia de Belo Jardim, já que não há disputa de viola e repente e sim um grande espetáculo.

Entre uma apresentação e outra é possível percebermos o dom poético de quem toca a viola, assim no improviso, no ritmo dos versos, e quem é repentista garante que a arte é mesmo um dom. O Site Paredão do Povo prestigiou o evento e ficou encantado com tantos “Artistas e suas encenações”. Agradeço desde já ao produtor Valdemir Cintra, pelo convite.















Vereador Rafael Lopes PT, reclamou do não comparecimento da coordenadora do CEO Belo Jardim, para prestar esclarecimentos

RAFAEL_LOPESO vereador Rafael Lopes PT, fez reclamações sobre o não comparecimento da coordenadora do CEO Belo Jardim e do Sec. de Educação do Município:

No dia 2 do corrente mês, fez um mês que eu fiz uma solicitação convocando a coordenadora do CEO, onde ele enviou uma resposta no dia de hoje, por que dona Ivone ligou para a mesma, onde a mesma se explicou verbalmente e não enviou nenhum oficio para esta casa.
Isso é um desrespeito desrespeito à esta casa, pois ele teve 30 dias para prestar esclarecimentos ou para enviar alguma documentação dizendo se vinha ou não para convocação, onde não veio.

Então eu quero deixar aqui esse reclamação ao Sr. presidente, e que em outras convocações, como a do sec. de educação Nilton Senhorinho, pois até agora o mesmo não enviou nenhuma resposta, então gostaria que o Sr. presidente tomasse alguma providencia para que isso não aconteça.

Vereador Nen Cabeludo PSC solicitou ao sec. de obras a conclusão do saneamento e calçamento na COHAB II


O vereador Nen Cabeludo PSC, solicitou ao prefeito do Município e extensivo ao sec. de infraestrutura a conclusão do saneamento e calçamento das ruas 2 e 6, ambas situadas no bairro da COHAB II, pertencentes a Belo Jardim:

“Eu fiz esse requerimento, tendo em vistas que estas ruas são situadas na COHAB II, e no primeiro mandato do prefeito atual João Mendonça, foi feito o calçamento daquele bairro.

Ficando o restante das ruas sem o calçamento, e essas ruas, não tinham residências, mas com o aumento do bairro a população cresceu e lá existe muitas casas com moradores solicitando que sejam concluídas o calçamento dessas referidas ruas”.

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A new influx of sea rafted pumice reached the eastern coast of Australia in October 2002, approximately 1 year after a felsic, shallow marine explosive eruption at a previously unknown volcano (0403 091) along the Tofua volcanic arc (Tonga). The eruption produced floating pumice rafts that first became stranded in Fiji in November 2001, approximately I month after the eruption. Strandings of sea rafted pumice along shorelines have been the only record of products from this submarine explosive eruption at the remote, submerged volcano. Computed drift trajectories of the sea rafted pumice using numerical models of southwest Pacific surface wind fields and ocean currents indicate two cyclonic systems disturbed the drift of pumice to eastern Australia, as well as the importance of the combined wave and direct wind effect on pumice trajectory. Pumice became stranded along at least two thirds (>2000 km) of the coastline of eastern Australia, being deposited on beaches during a sustained period of fresh onshore winds. Typical amounts of pumice initially stranded on beaches were 500 4000 individual clasts per in, and a minimum volume estimate of pumice that arrived to eastern Australia is 1.25 x 10(5) m(3). Pumice was beached below maximum tidal/storm surge levels and was quickly reworked back into the ocean, such that the concentration of beached pumice rapidly dissipated within weeks of the initial stranding, and little record of this stranding event now exists. Most stranded pumice clasts ranged in size from 2 to 5 cm in diameter; the largest measured clasts were 10 cm in Australia and 20 cm in Fiji. The pumice has a low phenocryst content (3500 km) and period of pumice floatation (greater than or equal to1 year), confirm the importance of sea rafted pumice as a long distance dispersal mechanism for marine organisms including marine pests and harmful invasive species. Billions of individual rafting pumice clasts can be generated in a single small volume eruption, such as observed here, and the geological implications for the transport of sessile taxa over large distances are significant.
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The areolas around the nipple getting darker and often bigger is a classic early sign of pregnancy and you may also get tiny bumps on the areolas which are known as Montgomery Tubercules. They look a bit like goose bumps, but are actually hard working glands producing oils to lubricate your nipples in preparation for breastfeeding.

A classic first sign of pregnancy around two to three weeks after conception is the need to urinate more often. This is triggered by hormones, an increasingly effective kidney cleansing action and your growing uterus pressing on the bladder. Best stock up on loo paper because this will probably last the whole of the first trimester and return in the third.

Oh boy there is nothing quite like the all over body tiredness that can affect women in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Basically your pregnant body is working so hard to create and maintain your baby life support system that fatigue is a totally unsurprising first sign of pregnancy.

Your hormone levels are up, you producing more blood and pumping it harder than ever, your metabolism is burning energy even when you are resting and all added together it spells TIRED.

Don worry, it gets better in the second trimester when the placenta is fully prepared and you got used to the soaring hormones.

Unlike the movies, when every single pregnant woman seems to have morning sickness, nausea does not blight everyone. And it not confined to mornings. It usually kicks in around week six so isn one of the very first signs of pregnancy and can last throughout the nine months, but usually trails off in the second trimester.

A sudden craving for tomatoes, or anything you never craved before, can be a tell tale early sign of pregnancy. So can a sudden distaste of something you previously enjoyed (Saturday night curry? Coffee?). You could also have an increased awareness of smells which can be unpleasant if you work in an office where several perfumes vie for attention.

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Make a list of the parks you are interested in using for the party, and call the town hall or park office to find out if you need to rent or reserve the space. There may also be specific guidelines about how much decorating or rearranging of picnic tables and other items you are allowed to do. Do this far enough in advance to be able to change your plan if you are unable to meet the park’s requirements.

Choose the type of food that you will serve at the party. Some parks have picnic tables and grills that can be used if you wanted to make a kid friendly lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs. You could also pick up pizzas, or simply choose to time the party so as not to serve a meal, but only snacks and birthday cake.
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Determine games that will fit the types and ages of children attending. Younger kids may enjoy playing on the swing set and attempting an organized game of duck duck goose or tag, while older children could play a game of soccer or ultimate Frisbee. Consider planning a series of relay races or a tug of war, taking full advantage of the park setting.

If you intend for the birthday child to open presents during the party, make sure there are picnic tables, chairs or blankets available to seat the children while they watch. If there is no seating available, bring at least one portable table on which guests can place their gifts and consider taking them home to be opened later.

Decorate the park area if possible and if allowed by the park office or town. Tie balloons to tables, or make a big “Happy Birthday” sign and set it up on an easel with balloons and streamers attached. This will serve both as a decoration and as a marker to identify the celebration for attending guests.

Children Birthday at the Park Ideas

Decorating; Celebrating; Parties; Home Improvement. Home . Having a birthday party at a park means there is plenty of room for your.

How to Have a Birthday Party at a Park

How to Have a Birthday Party at a Park. . Decorating; Celebrating; Parties; Home Improvement. Home Maintenance; General Repair; Energy Efficiency; Tools.

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“People are so tired of the way things are done,” said independent Mark Stoutzenberger of Cranston, who is running for the Rhode Island House. “I’m not kidding myself, it’s tough to win without a party. But hopefully a few of us could win. Automotive The automotive industry depends on the sales of parts and vehicles to stay afloat. Falk Frey, senior vice president of Moody’s Investors Service, predicts that in 2013 demand growth for global light vehicle sales will be at 2.9 percent versus the January 2012 prediction of 4.5 percent. Automotive dealers usually offer discounts, incentives and gifts to customers to purchase a vehicle.

For a brief period after college, I hoped that I might be able to shed the weight of those twin plastic canisters, what it cost to pay for them and fears of what might happen if I ever had to use them. But although some people with food allergies grow out of them, my optimism faded in my allergist’s office as she looked at the ballooning patches on my forearms where she’d conducted skin prick tests. I was still, she said, as allergic as anyone she’d ever seen..
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Chances are we will find out sooner rather than later whether it is the next SODA or NFLX. But with FIT, it could take a while. In 2015, Fitbit’s revenue grew 140% (based on guidance for $1.8 billion in revenue) on top of 170% growth the year prior.

Reach your right leg back, pressing the ball of the foot to the back of the room and spreading the toes (A). Keeping your hips square, lift your left heel, bend the right knee, and bring your heel to your right sit bone (B). Draw your right knee to your chest and round the upper back to bring your right knee into your chest (C).

With a couple of hours to kill, I bought a Bitang, the local beer in Bali and sat on the lawn to take in the beautiful view. As I was sitting there, some teenagers came up and stood behind me for a few minutes. This made me a bit uneasy as there was plenty of space around me where they could sit.

Most readers of Hardware Analysis know about the ritual they have to go through when facing a new machine with a freshly installed Windows operating system. This ritual involves running Windows Update until all Microsoft patches have been applied and the operating system and drivers have been updated. It looked like the OS image installed on my brand new notebook was barely two weeks old so I was looking at only about a dozen or so updates to install.

Then they’re off to the circus! Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus, specifically, “The greatest show on Earth!” Tim Gunn appears, and says the challenge is to create a high end runway look inspired by the denizens of the Big Top. Clowns, aerialists, acrobats and jugglers run around. Jay Nicolas Sario says that he can’t stop staring at the hunky guys with no shirts on.

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Another change: The Expert and Elite versions of the Rumor will come with Specialized Roval Traverse alloy wheels, which have a 29mm internal width. Compared to more traditional width rims, which range from 21 to 24mm internal, wider rims enable you to run lower tire pressure for better traction. Along with the theme of being more trail capable, the Rumor 650b comes with beefier tires Control 2.3 in front, and Ground Control 2.3 in the rear, both with Specialized medium duty Control casing..

Now, if you were to look for a Yummy, you are sure to find him standing out, literally, from the crowd. Look out for a trendy, well groomed male with a bag to tote. Yummies also like to accessorise. The kitchen is the place to bond with your toddler making cookies and gingerbread men. It is a place where family members meet together after a full day of activities in school and work. Food and stories are shared within the confines of the kitchen.
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Jazz R us Issue No. 123 lists more than 50 local gigs between Dec. 3 and Jan. Since guys are not so keen or possess a better sense of smell than women, it would be tough to choose from any of these amazing perfumes. And if you are one of those unfortunate ones, then the task can get slightly tough. 6 by Hugo BossGivenchy Play Intense by Givenchy for Men.

Standing in front of a collage of Depp outfits over the years, Waters said, man can look ugly no matter how hard he tries. Also accepted the international award on behalf of Tokyo based Rei Kawakubo, who won honors as an international designer for her often creative, balloonlike silhouettes created for the label Comme des Garcons. Waters said he was a fan of her clothes and she also was a personal friend..

Over a six week period, most of my Tinder to reality experiences follow this narrative arc: the excitement of digitized potential fading the moment it’s actualized. One particularly disillusioning moment comes while I’m on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland, when I end up chatting with Maya. She’s 26, with a scalpel sharp wit, and her photos approximate my real world tastes more than any Tinder woman so far.

If you been eyeing that Juicy bag, it the right time to shop it. Lifestyle of the rich and beautiful, Juicy Couture accessories line is perfect arm candy. The Scotty Bling Daydreamer bag is still very popular around town and the outlet store has these bags in pink, gray and black at almost 70 percent off the retail price.

Chris Pine, left, and Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs announce the Academy Awards nominees for best actor in a leading role at the 87th Academy Awards nomination ceremony in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015. A report to be released Wednesday, Sept.

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Ontario Teachers’ CEO Ron Mock said in June that talks were progressing, with the government keen to move ahead, but warned it was too early to say when the projects will come to fruition.

“I wouldn’t put a time frame on it at this point but what I would say is we are seeing a lot of movement. We’re seeing at a federal level that they’re taking this seriously,” he told Reuters.

Some Canadian funds have already begun to take some ‘greenfield’ risks. Caisse de depot du Quebec, Canada’s second biggest public pension fund, agreed in April to invest C$3 billion building a new public transport system in its home province. canada goose And Ontario Teachers’ has begun making ‘greenfield’ investments in wind, hydro and renewable energy.

TORONTO The pace of growth in Canada’s manufacturing sector stepped back in June as measures of output, new business and employment all fell, data showed on Monday, the latest sign Canada’s economy is struggling to gain momentum.

The RBC Canadian Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ index (PMI), a measure of manufacturing business conditions, dipped to a seasonally adjusted 51.8 last month from 52.1 in May.

It was the fourth month in a row the index has been above the 50 threshold that indicates growth in the sector, but the latest reading signaled only a modest upturn and was the weakest pace of improvement since March.

Slower output growth was one of the major drags on the headline PMI. The output index fell to 51.5 from May’s 11 month high of 52.8, as manufacturers reported softer client demand and efforts to reduce finished goods inventories at their plants.

New orders fell to 50.8 from 51.9, taking a further step back from a 16 month peak of 52.4 in April, and employment dipped to 52.0 from 52.2 as heightened uncertainty about the business outlook and a lack of pressure on operating capacity weighed.

A marginal upturn in overall new business volumes was indicated by manufacturers, but driven by domestic sales as new export work was broadly unchanged over the month. demand should drive further exports, however growing economic uncertainty means that the roller coaster we’ve experienced recently in the Canadian export market will likely continue,” said Craig Wright, chief economist at RBC.

The Canadian economy continues to struggle with the impact of cheaper oil, a major export for the country. Data released last week showed only modest growth in the economy in April after two months of declines, paving the way for a sickly second quarter on the back of the devastation caused by major wildfires in Alberta.