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However, she and other Mount Pleasant residents won’t be asked to pay more in property taxes for recreation, at least not in the next budget year. Cheap Jerseys china Town Council on Tuesday voted 7 2 to nix a proposal to raise property taxes about $12 a year on a house assessed at $300,000. That would have been in addition to a property tax hike approved this spring that amounts to about $36 on that same house.

Council members Thomasena Stokes Marshall and Elton Carrier voted in favor of the increase. Other council members who voted no said they might consider an increase next year. But first, the town needs a more concrete idea of what the money would pay for.

Just a few weeks ago, about 150 residents jammed a public meeting to discuss developing a 245 acre area off Rifle Range Road, one of the projects the increase might have funded. Many residents that day complained about a lack of athletic fields and supported building a multisport athletic complex.

However, delaying any tax increase to next year shouldn’t hold up the Rifle Range project. Next year’s budget includes money to pay for design plans already, so the council could revisit the tax increase to enact those plans next year, Town Administrator Eric DeMoura said.

Councilman Chris O’Neal said town officials first should define what they want to build on the property and then pursue partnerships with other entities. “That’s what I would like to see before we move forward.”

As if to underscore the success of its recreation department sports, council chambers filled early with dozens of boys in baseball caps and jerseys. Council members recognized the town’s three All Star baseball teams that won state championships this summer. A fourth team was runner up.

No residents spoke for or against the tax increase.

Councilman Mark Smith noted that the town already raised taxes for the coming year, along with other fees.

The already approved increase will pay for capital projects including widespread storm water drainage work and road pavement repairs. It marked the town’s first property tax increase in more than two decades.

Last week, the council’s Recreation Committee voted unanimously to recommend the recreation increase while its Finance Committee voted 2 2.

A recent Clemson University study, which recommended the tax hike, found heavy recreation use in Mount Pleasant but comparably little investment given the town’s general affluence and quality of life appeal.

In other business, Town Council unanimously approved much discussed plans that will require all new commercial development go before its Commercial Design Review Board rather than allowing the option of having town planning staff approve plans. However, areas zoned for economic development and projects costing less than $250,000 will have the option of going before town planners for approval.