Gravid og fortsatt har mensen

Jeg vet jeg har hørt det en million ganger kan du ikke få mensen og være gravid. Hva om muligheten for å bli gravid på si like før mensen. For eksempel fikk jeg en full periode tung og alt i forrige måned, min mann og jeg har ikke hatt sex siden dagen før mensen. Jeg hadde ikke vært helt bra, og tenkte jeg skulle ta en test slags for å berolige meg selv at jeg ikke var gravid og godt resultatet av testen var positiv, svak, men det. Jeg trodde ingen måte så jeg tok en annen en i morges. Positive igjen. Hvordan kan dette ha seg? Er dette mulig i det hele tatt? Vi kommer til å vente en uke og teste på nytt for å se om vi får en positiv igjen før du ringer en lege. Jeg vil bare vite om dette er en mulig ting. canada goose jakke
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ncanadagooseonlineThanksSame her. Jeg er kvalm, brystene mine er ikke sår, men de er hovne litt og veldig myk, føler jeg hoven i mine adbomen, jeg får halsbrann som jeg aldri har hatt bortsett fra den ene gangen jeg var gravid før. Jeg har vært så lunefull, mer enn min periode. Men det føles annerledes. Det gjør ikke vondt som min periode, og det har vært tungt så lett, så tung så lys over de siste 24 timene. Jeg sa til meg selv at jeg ikke er gravid og flyttet på. Problemet er at jeg fortsatt føler gravid. Jeg får kvalm, min co arbeidere mat gjør meg kneble, magen min føles full og im får lite smerter. Dette er ikke normalt for meg. Jeg har lagt merke til å være sliten mer enn normalt, har den andre natten min korsryggen var vondt og brystene mine blitt litt større, selv kjæresten min har lagt merke til. Mine perioder ikke alltid starte på samme dag hver måned, men jeg visste at jeg ville være å få det denne uken, og så i dag våknet jeg opp og jeg hadde begynt. Hvis du har noen bekymringer om din egen helse eller helsen til barnet ditt, bør du alltid konsultere med en lege eller annet helsepersonell. Vennligst les vilkårene for bruk før du bruker dette nettstedet. Din bruk av nettstedet indikerer ditt samtykke til å være bundet av vilkårene for bruk.

Understanding The Siberian Goose Down Duvets

It seems that there are only a few set of online resources that actually give useful details regarding one of the most well liked, top of the different kinds of duvets called the Siberian duvets. It is called in the UK as Siberian duvets and Siberian comforters or quilts in the USA this form of Goose down cover is considered as basically the best. The purpose for this is because Siberian Goose down duvets or quilts is a top of the variety, excellent quality duvet which makes it in some cases quite costly.

For a top of the variety with extremely king size you could anticipate to pay just about 475.00 ($930.00). These are usually provided by Standard street shops that somehow have a website online and offer high cost on their website according to their street rates thus reducing the savings of the customers. These Siberian duvets are usually considered as “out of reach” to the normal consumer, until now. There no purpose why most individuals can stumble on an excellent Siberian duvet or quilt online. Additionally, 6 or 4.5 tog Summer Siberian duvets are fairly a bit more complicated to discover though they are available in the market.canada goose
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Rather basically, it the excellence of the down used as a feeling material. Siberian down is less in weight than Hungarian, Canada, European and UK down. This is the purpose due to which quantity of Siberian down required to fill a 13.5 tog duvet is less than the other kinds of down fill described earlier. As a result this gives a low weight duvet with the same tog rate to fill. A low weight duvet would be more relaxing and comfortable than a heavy weight duvet of other types. Also it provides you a more peaceful sleep at night.

You can anticipate a Siberian goose down duvet to last life time if given proper care. Consistently air the duvet to remove dust. In case if it new then it should be aired for 24 hours before using it. This guarantees highest possible comfort and helps heated air to circulate inside it. Try shaking your duvet occasionally to fill it with air and improve its fluffy insulating material. They can usually be cleaned at 40C in home or commercial washing machines with supportive measures. Use a cover for duvet to secure the Siberian duvet. As these duvets are light weighted and portable that why they are easy to sustain.

Currently there are cheap and good quality Siberian duvets available online but as mentioned above you have to search them on the internet. Usually you can find them on quilts textile ltd online stores which have other similar bedding accessories too like Hungarian goose down pillows, toppers and comforters. With duvets you can also find bed linen sale too which will give enormous amount of savings. Typically the duvets and pillows sellers have all these bedding accessories on discount rates.

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Remissions are often lengthy (Hall et al., 1992). In the remitting progressive form, experienced by 40% of people with MS, the exacerbating remitting course is seen for the initial five years or more, and then a more progressive or chronic course is experienced (Hall et al., 1992). Finally, 10 to 20% of people with MS experience the progressive course which has a slow onset and in which slow worsening without remission is experienced (Hall et al., 1992).

Don’t also be astounded at the return on investment that people expect, hence, why so many business ideas don’t get any funding beyond sympathetic family and friends. Equity investors are seeking a minimum of a thirty percent return per year from their investment, compounded.3d vr headset
So what that means is if you are asking somebody to give you a hundred thousand dollars in 2000, and if they are a sophisticated investor, they will be looking to see how their investment reasonably has a good chance of being worth about $350,000 five years later.

The best way to get over any fear is to confront the fear itself. That does not mean you should go spider hunting! And if you know someone who has arachnophobia, don’t put spiders in their clothes to “help” them get over their fear. Start with small steps like looking at spider pictures.

And if YOU are the staff with no one to delegate to, to share the workload and increase your results, think of ways to get a staff. Many high school and college intern programs offer eager assistants, often at no cost. For example, our local high school will provide a student to most any legitimate for profit or non profit organization for up to 15 hours per week during the school year to help with the filing, running errands, photocopying, etc.

Probably would never ride it because the first thing out of my mouth would be the suspension sucks and how did we ever ride these things. In the early 70’s racing was at its purest and by the end of that era things had changed. They did change for the better because motorcycle evolution was improving the bikes we rode but desert racing never really seemed the same.

This generated a strong degree of ‘itch’ to play the game and led to my learning a few things before I sat down to actually play it. First and foremost, I came to believe that armed with just the rules, players who come to the table with no pre existing knowledge can be up to speed with this game, at least its process, almost immediately. It may take a while to comprehend the value judgments you’ll be making; acceptance/rejection of a certain ‘role’ in the game, along with acceptance/rejection of cards chosen by the player who assumes the ‘role.’.

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Pour toute la joie et le bonheur tout au long des bébés apportent, ils exigent aussi beaucoup de travail. Avant longtemps, vous et votre partenaire allez faire de fréquentes couches pistes et en tirant tous les nighters, alors pourquoi ne pas se livrer à un peu de R alors que vous pouvez encore?

A “babymoon” vacances que vous prenez avec votre conjoint avant votre paquet de joie arrive juste être la meilleure chose que vous pouvez faire pour se préparer à la parentalité. Nous vous recommandons de voyager au cours du deuxième trimestre ou le début de la troisième, et en utilisant votre évasion pré bébé à explorer une nouvelle ville, coup de pied vos talons dans un vieux favori, profiter un peu de romantisme à une retraite isolée, ou tout simplement profiter un peu de paix et calme nulle part.

Pour vous aider à planifier votre évasion prénatale, voici une liste de neuf grands endroits à babymoon, ainsi que quelques conseils pour ce qui en fait l’escapade des plus agréables que possible. Charleston est une ville de détente et de calme, ce qui le rend particulièrement attrayant pour les couples enceintes. canada goose coats Mais cela ne veut pas dire qu’il n’y a pas une abondance de choses à faire. Nous vous recommandons de profiter des crevettes et du gruau ou de poulet frit au Porche ou Magnolias de Poogan, savourant (décaféiné) café à Kudu, en prenant des promenades langoureuses le long de la batterie, et l’arrêt dans les galeries d’art et boutiques comme les enfants sur King. Vous pouvez réserver une chambre dans l’un des hôtels de charme du centre-ville, ou vous pouvez rester le long de la plage dans une station comme les Dunes sauvages dans les environs de Isle of Palms, où vous pourrez profiter d’un massage prénatal divine.

Miami, en Floride.

Si vous pensez que la grossesse et Miami ne se mélangent pas, réfléchir à nouveau. Ce point chaud de la Floride est également une destination douce pour les parents d’être. Pensez-y comme un dernier hourra de toutes sortes, et aller danser avec votre papa bébé (avec l’approbation de votre médecin, bien sûr!); la plupart des mamas et de bébés qui bénéficient de l’exercice comme la danse. Si déchirer le plancher pendant la grossesse est pas votre truc, cette ville a beaucoup de lieux de détente idéal. Miami accueille une prime d’hôtels haut de gamme, y compris le Setai Miami Beach avec son somptueux spa et un emplacement en bord de mer. Et le sable blanc lumineux de South Beach sont aussi bons que partout un perchoir pour se détendre comme vous feuilletez quoi vous attendre si vous attendez ou Great Expectations (l’édition de la grossesse).

haveseen / Shutterstock [plus de photos]

La petite ville de Stowe a beaucoup à offrir aux couples enceintes. D’une part, Ice Cream Factory Ben Jerry: Les bébés ont besoin de beaucoup de calcium pour faire croître leurs os, et soyons honnêtes, les femmes enceintes ont besoin de la crème glacée tout autant. Stowe accueille également le Trapp Family Lodge, la maison de la vie réelle von Trapp de Sound of Music renommée meilleur endroit pour apprécier la transition imminente à la vie de famille? Même si les maris ne sont pas ravis par la perspective de visiter le pavillon, ce sont les meilleures épouses de chances de culpabiliser leurs maris avec des phrases comme: «Je suis celui qui porte notre bébé.” Et quand il est temps pour dormir, les deux parties pourront profiter de la fine cuisine (créé avec des ingrédients locaux) et des soins spa (maternité ou couples massages) disponibles au Topnotch Resort and Spa.

[Voir: Les meilleurs escapades romantiques aux Etats-Unis] Si jamais il y avait un temps pour se livrer à un massage de luxe, les 40 semaines de grossesse serait elle. Maux de dos, crampes dans les jambes, les pieds enflés, et pire encore menacent de vous faire tomber, mais un peu dorloter peuvent reconstituer votre éclat prénatal. Pour se dorlotés par le meilleur, nous vous suggérons de se diriger vers la chaleur sèche, une enclave à l’est de Phoenix. Pour un massage prénatal suédois super-somptueux, la tête à The Phoenician. icanadagooseonline Pendant que vous rajeunissant, votre mari peut perfectionner son swing à 27 trous de golf de championnat de golf de l’hôtel avant de vous deux partez pour admirer deux acres de jardin de cactus de la station et 25 millions $ collection d’art. Ou l’indulgence ultime et votre beau pouvez vous inscrire pour le traitement des couples spa “Perfect Pair”.

New Orleans, La.

Si vos vacances idéales consiste à écouter de la musique Zydeco et savourant beignets alléchantes pour le petit déjeuner (sans parler croustillant langouste pour le dîner), vous devriez certainement envisager bébé mooning dans la Big Easy. Mais nous faisons un avertissement: Les festivités rauques entourant la célébration de Mardi Gras de la Nouvelle-Orléans devraient être évités. Mais toutes les autres périodes de l’année, cet endroit décontracté sert jusqu’à un bon moment facile à vivre pour les couples qui aiment la culture, la grande musique locale, et la nourriture excellente. Passez vos journées à explorer le quartier français historique ou bouche bée devant les maisons magnifiques dans le Garden District. Ou, si vous préférez prendre une charge hors, profiter d’un après-midi paresseux dans City Park.

Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock [plus de photos]

Vacances ville deviennent exponentiellement plus difficile avec des enfants en remorque. Tout d’abord, vous serez toting bagages supplémentaires, à partir d’une poussette pour un lit pliant aux couches. Et puis il y a le stress supplémentaire de subjuguer les pleurs d’un bébé overtired rebondit sur de hauts murs du MoMA. Au lieu de cela, obtenir votre correction de la ville pendant que votre bébé est encore contenu dans l’utérus: New York City est un choix évident, avec son abondance de choses à faire pour les amateurs d’art, les gourmets, les accros du shopping, et autres. En parlant de shopping, nous vous recommandons de sauter dans quelques boutiques pour bébés urbains super mignon, comme Mini Jake, Giggle, et Metro Minis. Et pendant que vous êtes frapper les racks, offrez-vous avec des marchandises dans les magasins de maternité à la mode, comme côté du sein supérieur et Véronique maternité. Après avoir tendu vos jambes votre portefeuille la limite, détendez-vous dans un hôtel branché de Manhattan comme le W New York, où vous pouvez vous faire dorloter avec un massage prénatal somptueux au BLISS SPA.

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Saric would likely benefit financially if he remained overseas for one more season playing for Anadolu Efes of the Turkish Basketball League because of future changes in the NBA salary cap. However, he would get playing time next season with the Sixers that might not be available if he waits another year. Cheap Jerseys china Saric deadline to notify Efes of his choice is July 17. Leaving the team would require a buyout.

Saric was drafted by the Orlando Magic with the 12th overall pick in 2014 and immediately traded to the Sixers. However, he signed a three year contract with the Turkish team in the week leading to the NBA draft. He can opt out of that contract and join the Sixers this offseason.

Saric would be tied to his rookie scale deal if he plays in the NBA next season. Utah Jazz forward Trey Lyles, who was selected 12th overall in 2015, will make $10.4 million during his four year rookie contract.

Saric will make a little more than that if he comes over this summer. He would be able to negotiate a deal for a much richer salary with the Sixers if he waited until the summer of 2017. A league source said he believes Saric could receive about $6 million a season if he waits until 2017.

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WASHINGTON Brett Brown can live with the thousands of missed shots he’s seen over his two plus seasons as the head of the 76ers. Missed defensive assignments, turnovers and brain cramps annoy him, but won’t deflate the coach. There is only one area Brown won’t tolerate with his young club, and that’s when they fail to compete. Cheap Jerseys from china Talent will win out most nights, and the Sixers rarely will be favored in that battle. But to give away games because of a dispirited effort, that will cost the coach more than a few nights of sleep.

He witnessed it in Wednesday’s 38 point home loss to Atlanta. He didn’t expect to see it at all Friday against the host Washington Wizards. His team proved him wrong, and quickly.

Washington went wherever it wanted in the lane in the first quarter, with little resistance at all from the Sixers, and cruised out to a 38 18 lead after 12 minutes in what eventually became a 106 94 win. It was only the second win in seven games for the Wizards (22 26).

“I’m at an age and a stage where that’s the only thing that matters to me,” Brown said of his team playing competitively. “When you talk about drafting somebody, trading somebody, retaining somebody, you can go all over the place. To me, the single ingredient that links the great players that I’ve been around is (being) competitive. Sometimes you can quantify that by, do you rebound. Sometimes it’s a gut feel of just running back. Do people get back in transition defense? There’s things you can chart with deflections. There’s things you can chart with just being physical. If you don’t compete way, way, way, way more than you don’t, then you’re struggling. It’s now how we view the world.”

He might want to view his team’s play with a blindfold moving forward.

The Sixers finally showed some life after the first. Though Washington built the lead to 25 in the third, the Sixers used an 18 4 spurt and pulled to within 10 at the end of the third, but couldn’t get much closer for the rest of the game in falling to 7 43.

“They’re trying to play for a playoff position and that’s what we’re going to see from now on,” said guard Ish Smith, who tweaked his ankle late in the game. “We have to come out and be competitive and know that these teams are going to try and swing at us early and try to knock us out. With the exception of that first quarter, we were unbelievable.

Smith paced the Sixers with 22 points, to go with five rebounds and five assists. Isaiah Canaan came off the bench to score 18 for the Sixers, who were torched for 58 points in the paint by Washington.

John Wall had a triple double for the Wizards, posting 18 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. Marcin Gortat scored 21 to go with 13 rebounds, while Bradley Beal deposited 22.

“We started the game poorly and dug ourselves a hole in that 38 point first period,” Brown said. “Then we, for sure, competed. The start of the third let us down a little bit, but the large body of work for that game, I’m proud of their effort.

“You look at (Wall) and he just keeps getting better and better and better. He’s great for the league. He’s an All Star for sure.

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However, she and other Mount Pleasant residents won’t be asked to pay more in property taxes for recreation, at least not in the next budget year. Cheap Jerseys china Town Council on Tuesday voted 7 2 to nix a proposal to raise property taxes about $12 a year on a house assessed at $300,000. That would have been in addition to a property tax hike approved this spring that amounts to about $36 on that same house.

Council members Thomasena Stokes Marshall and Elton Carrier voted in favor of the increase. Other council members who voted no said they might consider an increase next year. But first, the town needs a more concrete idea of what the money would pay for.

Just a few weeks ago, about 150 residents jammed a public meeting to discuss developing a 245 acre area off Rifle Range Road, one of the projects the increase might have funded. Many residents that day complained about a lack of athletic fields and supported building a multisport athletic complex.

However, delaying any tax increase to next year shouldn’t hold up the Rifle Range project. Next year’s budget includes money to pay for design plans already, so the council could revisit the tax increase to enact those plans next year, Town Administrator Eric DeMoura said.

Councilman Chris O’Neal said town officials first should define what they want to build on the property and then pursue partnerships with other entities. “That’s what I would like to see before we move forward.”

As if to underscore the success of its recreation department sports, council chambers filled early with dozens of boys in baseball caps and jerseys. Council members recognized the town’s three All Star baseball teams that won state championships this summer. A fourth team was runner up.

No residents spoke for or against the tax increase.

Councilman Mark Smith noted that the town already raised taxes for the coming year, along with other fees.

The already approved increase will pay for capital projects including widespread storm water drainage work and road pavement repairs. It marked the town’s first property tax increase in more than two decades.

Last week, the council’s Recreation Committee voted unanimously to recommend the recreation increase while its Finance Committee voted 2 2.

A recent Clemson University study, which recommended the tax hike, found heavy recreation use in Mount Pleasant but comparably little investment given the town’s general affluence and quality of life appeal.

In other business, Town Council unanimously approved much discussed plans that will require all new commercial development go before its Commercial Design Review Board rather than allowing the option of having town planning staff approve plans. However, areas zoned for economic development and projects costing less than $250,000 will have the option of going before town planners for approval.

Your Brakes Are Supposed To Shake

I just bought a used 2003 Ford Taurus from a local dealer. The first time I hit the brakes on wet pavement it scared the devil out of me! The pedal bounced back and there was a loud noise coming from the front of the vehicle that sounded like a motorboat. What is wrong with my vehicle? It doesn do it on dry pavement. Should I take it back to the dealer?

Sharon from Dallas,pandora necklaces TXThere is nothing wrong with your Ford Taurus. As a matter of fact, that exactly how the system is supposed to operate. This car is equipped with ABS brakes. You can take it back to the dealer just to give you peace of mind, but I think you will find that nothing is wrong.

This is a common concern so let take a closer look at how ABS brakes work to enlighten you and put your fears to rest.

A Brief Explanation of How ABS OperatesABS uses wheel speed sensors, a hydraulic control unit, and a computerized electronic control module, which is the “brain” of the system. When the brake pedal is applied, the electronic control module monitors the speed of the wheels through the wheel speed sensors. If the control module detects that one or more wheels are about to lock up, the module signals the hydraulic unit to control hydraulic pressure to that wheel(s). This varying of pressure is much like “pumping” the brake, only with the ABS system the wheel that is locking up (which creates a potential loss of control) is the only one being controlled, the rest of the wheels are free to roll. This maximizes vehicle steer ability.

Why Does This Happen On Wet Pavement Only?Wet pavement can cause one or more of the wheels to slip and lock up. The ABS system senses this action and is activated to stop it. There is no need for the system to operate on dry pavement unless the wheels are slipping when stopping, which can happen when we drive on a gravel covered road.

If you have never driven a vehicle with ABS brakes you may notice some marked differences from vehicles with conventional braking systems. These are:

Remember two important things when driving a car with ABS brakes:

Maintain the same safe stopping distance from the vehicle ahead as with conventional brakes. ABS will not make the vehicle “stop on a dime.”

Do not pump the brake. Just apply firm, constant pressure and let ABS do the work for you. You may feel a slight vibration or hear noise as the hydraulic control unit functions. Be ready to push the pedal further if it travels closer to the floor.

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Darrien Nathaniel Hunt was an oddity in Saratoga Springs, a small, well to do city in Utah where a pair of white police officers gunned him down last week.

A young black man with a towering Afro, Hunt stood out in this overwhelmingly white city about 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City. So much so that just moments before officers killed him in a barrage of gunfire on Sept. 10, passersby pulled out their cell phones and snapped photos of the 22 year old with the big hair, bright red shirt and toy sword slung over his shoulder.

“People were taking pictures saying hey, look what I found,” Randall Edwards, an attorney for Hunt’s family, told msnbc. Moments later Hunt was dead, struck with half a dozen bullets. canada goose bird The fatal shot struck him in the back, according to Edwards.

“They killed my son because he black. No white boy with a little sword would they shoot while he running away.”

Susan Hunt

What none of the photos taken by witnesses on Sept. 10 show is what initially sparked the gunfire or any details into the circumstances that led to Hunt’s death.

Police say that officers were responding to a report of a suspicious person walking around with a “samurai type” sword when they confronted Hunt. They say he brandished the sword and lunged at the officers, at which point they opened fire on him.

Hunt’s family and their attorney are refuting those claims, saying that witnesses saw Hunt running from the officers as they fired on him, that he was shot six times from behind and that he fell and died about 100 yards from where police initially made contact with him.

Edwards, the attorney, said that an independent autopsy conducted at the behest of the family shows that the fatal shot struck Hunt at the center of his back. Five other gunshots struck him from behind, he said, including shots to his legs, shoulder, elbow and hand.

Hunt’s family has also been adamant that they believe his race his mother is white, his father is black played a role in the shooting. His mother, Susan Hunt, insists he was killed “because he’s black.”

“I in Saratoga Springs, cause it a safe little community and they killed him. They killed my son because he black,” she told the Deseret News. “No white boy with a little sword would they shoot while he running away.”

Edwards said the alleged weapon that Hunt was carrying at the time of his death had a blunt edge and was largely decorative something “you might win at a carnival for knocking over stuffed animals.”

“When you look at those facts, the report from the pathologist and witness statements, it appears clear that the story that has been given out by the County Attorney that he was brandishing a sword and lunging at the officers is at least questionable,” Edwards said. “There were no gunshot wounds from the front, so the question then is what happened. There are only 3 people on earth, 2 people on earth now, who know what went down between those officers and Darrien and one of them is dead.”

Hunt’s killing and the questionable circumstances surrounding his killing comes a little more than a month after the shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Witnesses in the Brown case say he was also running from an officer when that officer opened fire on him. Brown’s killing sparked local and national outrage with weeks of protests, some of which turned violent.

“Obviously, when you’re looking at any incident where you have a dead black kid and white officers you’re going to say what going on? Is it a similar situation in Ferguson?”

Randall Edwards, attorney for the Hunt family

“Obviously, when you’re looking at any incident where you have a dead black kid and white officers you’re going to say what going on? Is it a similar situation in Ferguson? Only in that sense,” Edwards said. “Saratoga Springs, Utah, is not Ferguson, Missouri. Officers here don’t have a long history with confrontations with a minority population. That’s what we don’t have. What we do have are a lot of questions of what’s going on and why did this happen. I think that the family, the last thing they would ever want to do is cause or exacerbate race relations in Utah.”

While there hasn been any mass protests or marches in Hunt name, the story of Hunt killing has gone viral with many national news outlets picking up the story. In one seemingly small act of dissent, a page on Wikipedia for Saratoga Springs was edited to say “Saratoga Springs, Utah (Civilian Killers RIP Darrien Hunt).”

The police have denied that Hunt’s race had anything to do with the incident.

Owen Jackson, a spokesman for Saratoga Springs, said the investigation has been handed over to the Utah County Attorney’s Office. Per protocol, he said, the two officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Jackson said the Saratoga Springs 34 member Police Department was formed in 2007, and that there has never been a police involved shooting death in that time. Jackson said that he is unaware of any previous claims of racial profiling against the department.

About 95% of Saratoga Springs is white, according to recent Census data. It is also home to Mia Love, the city’s most recent former mayor, who is likely to become the first ever black Republican woman elected to congress. In recent years, the population of Saratoga Springs has exploded, from just over 1,000 in 2001 to 22,000 in 2010.

John Mejia, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah, said that the group is calling for an open and transparent investigation while awaiting the conclusion of the county attorney’s own probe.

“I think that there needs to be sort of an openness and willingness to be as public as you can possibly be in this sort of investigation,” Mejia said.

Mejia said there have been about 10 deadly police shootings across the state so far this year, including four since August. Results in just two of those cases have been publicly released, he said.

“There are some deadly shootings that date back to April and this is sort of state wide issue,” he said. “As lawyers we understand that these things can take a while, but I think the public does start to get uneasy when the results take so long.”

Hunt was the third person shot by Utah police in just three days, according to a report by the Salt Lake Tribune.

While Hunt’s race and the race of the officers who fired on him stand out for a number of obvious reasons, Edwards said that with so many more questions than answers, it’s unclear what roll, if any, race may have played in the shooting.

“When faced with the question ‘did race play a part in this,’ my client will say I can’t think of any other reason they would shoot my son,” Edwards said. “You have this young black man with a pretty big Afro walking down the street carrying what looks like some sort of weapon. It’s a pretty sleepy community. What happened next? And that is where things get very interesting.”

Media Musings Blog Archive Eddie

Look. Let cut to the chase here, there Goodes, Eddie, and that girl.

Nobody could have predicted the events that followed with McGuire careless remark about Goodes live on radio. Nor could anyone legitimately believe that McGuire said that with malicious intent, either. Every bit as much as McGuire. Probably fucking more. Own it. Examine it. Kill it. Just don externalise it. Anglo Saxon fears of powerlessness, the complexities of inter racial marriage, and the relationship between contemporary Australia and Islam were just some of the themes that were brushed. While that not to say that these themes haven been broached either, try and think of a similar reflection of contemporary Australia with the same realism in recent years. I was a product of an Asian Anglo Celtic union during the rise of One Nation, though I was lucky enough not to remember it. (But after all, isn inter marriage a sure fire way to prove that you assimilated?) And at the other end of the spectrum, this in between status breeds the patronising what actually are you when I retort the questions over identity with I Australian while Australia didn have slavery, I guessour dispossessed indigenous population were happy to work on cattle stations, cane farms, and the other machinations of Western society for next to nothing, right?

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